Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MGD 64

Miller Genuine Draft, 64 Calories

Brewer: Miller
ABV: %2.8
Type: Light Lager
My Rating (1-10): 5


I've drank a lot of light beers. A lot; lol. Being on Weight Watchers, we had this beer in the house quite a bit since it's only 2 Points+ for 1 and 5 Points+ for two. Really, when you drink this beer you're drinking it because you want a beer to go with your dinner. You're not not drinking it to get drunk (unless it was on super sale and/or you're drinking it through a beer-bong) or for the taste. I prefer the flavor over Bud-Light but for the flavor/ABV/Price, I'd rather pick up a thing of Coors-Light or a good pale ale.

64 pours a super crisp golden color with about a half an inch of head. The colder you can get it, the better it tastes. First wiff is a bit mild and the taste isn't much better but not awful.

My Suggested Pairings: Meh, light beer goes with about anything except chocolate and steak.

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