Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elysian - The Men's Room

The Men's Room Original Red

Brewer: Elysian Brewing Company
ABV: %5.6
Type: Red
My Rating (1-10): 5


First of all let me say that I heart a good red beer. Killian's Irish Red is one of my long time "go-to" beers. You know, it's one of those beers that when you're at the grocer and can't find anything else that strikes you as perfect
for the night you just grab a sixer of it because you know that you will be pleased at the end of the night... That all being said, The Men's Room Original Red from Elysian is just "OK".

Men's Room pours gorgeous. It comes out the perfect coppery amber with about a half an inch of head. Sadly, the flavor just isn't there. You get hints of caramel with a touch of citrus and a LOT of bitter grains. The first scent that hit me was a tangy malt but when I took the first quaff all I got was bitter, burnt hops :(

My last thoughts on this beer is that for the $6 I paid for it, I wish I woulda grabbed the Killian's.

My Suggested Pairings: Like most ambers/reds, this beer goes well with a good tender meat. To be honest, I'd probably order a Killians if the place I was at had it but if the only red on tap was Men's Room it would go well with corned beef (if you don't do stouts) or prime rib.

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